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Imagine an entire day dedicated to YOUR design needs without a 2 month wait? I will work on your project, so you can focus on what you do best. All it takes is, you, me, a little bit of coffee & a sprinkle of creative flare.

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What could you check off your “to do list” with a VIP Day?

The VIP – Designer for a Day is all about YOU. The day will be crafted specifically for YOU.

It is an entire day dedicated to your design needs. We eliminate the normal design process, so you can book a day when you need it done, with no long-term contract commitments.

VIP Branding Day
VIP Website Design Day
VIP Just get it Done Day



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Any of this sound familiar?

Then today is YOUR Day!


No problem! For Designer for a Day to work optimally, we plan and we strategise.

The discovery call will ensure I understand your objectives for your brand and VIP day. Couple that with my VIP framework will allow us to work effectively and efficiently to make sure your day runs slick from start to finish.

Once you’ve completed then pre-work set from our strategy call, I can charge forward and do what I do best, for you.


Choose your day & make payment
Onboarding begins! We chat, we plan, we strategise
On the day. Dedicated design time & check ins throughout the day
Handover of your marketing assets.
designer for day logo

The perfect VIP day –
dedicated to YOU and YOUR business only

graphic design stationery

We will discuss and agree to clear objectives for your Designer for a Day needs and set a plan of action. Once that is done, you can be as hands on or off as you would like. I work best in my creative zone when completely focused on the task. However, the more available you are to me for questions & answers on the day can also accelerate my process. It doesn’t mean you need to be glued to Trello or your phone. Just contactable in case I need you.

What can we achieve in the VIP experience days?

It’s important to remember that each VIP Design day is special, and what happens during your day all depends on your specific goals & needs, but here are some examples of things we could do in our day together:


Please note, the designer for a day service does not include large scale projects such as branding and website design. It can be used to finesse, complete or refresh a brand or website which is already in place. If you are interested in a full brand or website design then please take a look here.

The VIP Brand Experience in a Day is for the DIYer who has outgrown your current style and need of a finesse. Or perhaps you are suffering from brand envy? Deep down you know your brand doesn’t stand out. You know you are ready for a professional designer but you’re on a deadline or budget, but you also know you need the support from a designer, so your brand looks its best.


If we’ve already been through the branding process, now is the perfect time to touch all the key areas so you feel completely aligned, empowered and ready to SHINE!

Opt-ins, social media, print materials, business cards, presentations, product logos, oh my

(Let’s set a priority list and get these DONE!) anything we didn’t get done but you need done now, talk to me about it.

  • Brand elements refresh
  • Simple logo updates
  • Colour palettes
  • Font styles
  • Graphic elements Basic brand guidelines outlined
  • Marketing materials creation based on your branding style guide.

Each and every site is different and depending on your needs and the complexity of the design work. If you don’t need a FULL website created or design, the Designer for a Day website experience is the perfect way to compliment and improve your existing site.

You will receive dedicated focused assistance for all your design needs. Obviously every site is different, and depending on your needs and complexity of design work will effect the outcomes.

That’s why we always start with a discovery and strategy call. I’ve listed out some services on offer, however each can be customised for your website design requirements…

  • WEBSITE DESIGN AUDIT & UPDATE Perhaps you need a professional eye to review your current site and list out the work needed to ensure it is current, relevant and responsive.
  • LEVEL UP OR REFRESH YOUR EXISTING WEBSITE Perfect for those who been through a re-brand, or simply want a design refresh
  • KICK START A NEW WEBSITE HOMEPAGE Branding work has been completed and now you need a starting point for your website. A website homepage design layout is the perfect anchor point for the rest of your website build. It will give you clarity on navigation, your key products and services highlighted and ensure your first impression for any user is on-point!
  • SET UP STYLES & LAYOUTS Set up new basic fonts and colours and minor page layout tweaks for better functionality.

  • ADD ADDITIONAL PAGES, IMAGERY, CONTENT Now is the time to get your content up to date

  •  BLOG SET-UP Don’t waste time figuring out how to get your blog to look and function the way that you want. Let me add your new blog content and I’ll teach you to properly maintain your marketing asset and how to add new upcoming content.

  •  SALES PAGE OR COURSE LAUNCH Launching a new service or product and need to add a sales page to your site? I can design the layout of this money making page for you or create the page in your WordPress site.

Sick of wasting time? Then the VIP Just get it Done Day is for you. Perhaps this is a day where we work together to outline your brand strategy, or you already have your list together you JUST need a professional to get it done.

What happens during your VIP Just get it done day depends on your specific goals & needs, but here are some examples of things we could do in our day together

  • Packaging design
  • Presentation folders
  • Invitations
  • Stationery
  • Presentation folders
  • Email signatures
  • Magazines Report templates
  • Presentation templates
  • Advertisements
  • Social media templates
  • eBooks
  • Lead Magnets for your email opt-ins

Are you ready to be as happy as these smart ladies?

Nicky Alati - Unblock Therapy
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I’m absolutely thrilled with the result!! I actually cried when I looked at it all. You are a very talented woman 👩 and I’m very thankful for what you have created for me!!
Amy Wolland - Lulu Visible
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Hey Laura! So exciting - I love it so much- Thank you! 🌈 I wouldn’t change a thing - I think it has the look and feel that I love, and as soon as I saw it it totally resonated. Thank you soo much for your hard work on this, so appreciated.
Helen Goodwin - Firefly Comms
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I LOVE them Laura, thank you so much! Thanks again, you’re a design super star and I just love what you’ve done.
Sheradyn Dekker - Gut & Health Nutritionist
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Laura - You are a star! I just have to say I LOVE IT ALL! I didn't know it was going to be this incredible, I am blown away.
Tara Louise - By Tara Louise
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Oh Laura, I am so excited!!! I have been thinking about my branding all day hahaha I absolutely love the first one. Thank you so much. It's really beautiful.
Having Laura as my VIP Designer for a Day, I had the privilege of getting armed with a variety of different templates, that not only reflected my brand but would also make it super useful to get great content out to my followers! On top of that, Laura did some work on my website, tweaking a few pages that I had made myself. Thank you so much, Laura, I love that you know my brand so well, you know me so well, and you have a clear, creative vision that is second to none!

Have some questions?

No, I only work with WordPress as I believe it offers the best flexibility to my clients. I do offer a design of the website so you can take these layout assets to another recommended developer to build for you if you don’t want a WordPress website.

I use Trello as the project management system for my clients. As well as using this tool to add assets required for the project, we can also talk on the phone at any time of the day. On the Designer for the Day, there is no need to schedule in a specific time to talk. I’m all yours for the day.

I include an additional 1 hour after the day is complete to tidy up and loose ends or to make any small edits. If more time is required we can schedule in a half or full day to complete these.

I do require all of the required content before starting. I’m all yours for the day but this time goes fast which we why we spend a few hours pre kick off to ensure we have everything needed in place to hit the ground running at 9am on your scheduled day.

We schedule in 7.5 hours, including a 30min break. Generally, this will be 9am-4:30pm.


Me for a day, in my creative place, doing what I do best, connecting your vision to the goals you’ve set… So you are free to focus on what you do best!

Without the typical design process that takes WEEKS of back-and-forth to get your project done, you book a day when you need it, with no long-term commitments.

Can you imagine the excitement when I present your project to you or ask you to refresh your browser screen and it’s ALL DONE?

Sound exciting? I hope so, because I’m excited to offer this for you!

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