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6 Steps to Take Before Working on Branding

OK, so you’ve come up with a smashing business idea or changing directions of your current one. You’re ready to go all in and you know that a cohesive and purposeful brand will help you build the professional business you know it can be.​

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Brand designer Laura Duncan sitting on a table with paper printouts showing colour swatches and images that compliment each other in style

Does your brand need some love?

True, deep brand love can be unconditional – your flaws are accepted & forgiven. Premium price? Product failure? These things don’t help, but they’re a lot easier to swallow if you have an emotional connection with the brand.

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Female business entrepreneur holding an ipad with an infographic on the screen with the words how to create your brand colour palette

Create a brand colour palette that connects

There is a formula for everything these days, including creating a purposeful and meaningful colour palette. There is entire psychology for colours because it is a proven communication tool. We (designers) use colours to evoke mood, encourage action and influence emotion. In essence, it gets your audience to not only see but feel what you want them to.

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The image shows the owner and design consultant of The Design Room. Laura is pinning images and colour swatches are part of the mood board process she undertakes with each of her branding clients.

Blog Mini Series Part 1 Consistency

Successful brands are consistent! So then, what does inconsistency do to your brand? Firstly, it causes confusion. Secondly, inconsistency is one of the biggest turn-offs for people! When images, logo, voice, colours, fonts (and the list goes on) isn’t consistent – especially across the socials, it undermines your credibility.

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Image shows Laura Duncan owner of The design Room sitting on a comfy lounge with her ipad and pencil smiling at the camera

Blog Mini Series Part 2 Connection

Research shows the ‘connections’ we make with brands can be as deep and emotional as our relationships with people. Think about it, is there a brand you LOVE that makes your heart flutter? To be a success, people need to get to know your brand, like it (or love it), trust and feel connected to it.

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Owner of The Design Room standing against a white wall with the words added - Authenticity is your superpower

Blog Mini Series Part 3 Inspire

People will judge your brand based on visuals – as it’s the first thing we see. So, we know first impressions are critical. Consumers are savvy; they will dig deeper into you, what you stand for and what you offer. So, it’s super important to make the first impression memorable and align all brand elements with intention and meaning to convert your audience into buyers, not fence-sitters. 

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Female business owner wearing a white tshirt with the words be bold or italic never regular

Blog Mini Series Part 4 Be Bold

First impressions are the most important! And your visual branding is what potential clients will see before anything else. Research states that you’ve got 1 – 20 secs max to capture your audience in today’s current digital market. It is a crucial part of how people engage and experience your business before digging into you and your offering. Your design needs to be professional, impactful, emotional and BOLD.

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Client Spotlight Cheeky Green

Today I hand the spotlight over to Cheeky Green, two Melbourne girls who I had the pleasure of creating a brand design for in 2020. One year on, the girls share more about their journey in starting a new business and how branding played its part in it.

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Client Spotlight Sheradyn Dekker

Sheradyn got in touch last year when she needed to update her website to allow her business to grow in the way she needed. But we quickly realised what Sheradyn was missing wasn’t just a great website but in fact a brand that felt like her and attracted the right clients.

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