Today I hand the spotlight over to Cheeky Green, two Melbourne girls who I had the pleasure of creating a brand design for in 2020. One year on, the girls share more about their journey in starting a new business and how branding played its part in it.
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Tell us about your business and why you started? Hi, we are Nat + Sid from Cheeky Green. We are two friends who bonded over our eldest children crying (while trying to escape 3-year-old kinder), and a love of coffee, wine, music, and all things green. Both of us were stay at home mums, feeling uninspired and not wanting to return to our careers. We wanted to spend time with our families, but also use our brains. Over a wine-fuelled zoom call mid-Pandemic, and mid-lockdown 2020, we came up with the idea of Cheeky Green. Nat had the horticulture connections and Sid had the design skills.

What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed a new brand identity for your business? Can you sum up a few points of frustrations or challenges you faced before making this decision? Sid had spent weeks working on a logo using Canva. We had even sent out concepts to friends for feedback, but we both weren’t in love. Our product was getting such great feedback, but our logo just wasn’t up to scratch. We decided to invest in our business before we launched, as opposed to rebranding a year down the track. We had a really good feeling our product was going to be popular, so we decided to do everything properly and professionally from the start. It has been our best decision so far and something we’d recommend to every one starting a business.
What were the main reasons why you selected The Design Room? What made me stand out and what is your favourite thing about working with me? We found The Design Room in Instagram land and we fell in love with all of Laura’s portfolio. When we contacted Laura, she was super professional. All the prices were listed clearly and easy to understand and we were invited to meet with her virtually for a discovery call. From then on, we were sold. She was lovely to deal with and her packages included a style guide and branding elements. We could really see the value in creating a brand as opposed to a logo. Best decision ever!

How has implementing your new branding helped your business? From the moment our branding was public, we started receiving positive feedback. People started following us immediately, started sharing our profile and reaching out to us for collaborations. We felt respected and taken seriously. We were told regularly that we looked like we were going to succeed! Seeing so many new business fail, it was really encouraging.

What specific metrics can you share about the impact working with me has had on your business? (Social media results, profit, client interaction, client reach – new suburbs/cities/states/countries, time back with kids, sanity etc.) Being brand new, we can’t compare or have any metrics. We just know that people want to work with us and business is growing every day.

How do you think your clients, customers perceive your company when they see your brand now? What do you think people are saying about you when you’re not in the room? I think our customers see us as a professional brand, that can be trusted. They definitely see us fun, quirky and original. We aren’t like anything else on the market and our branding reflects that.

Are you making a difference in your clients /  customer’s world? Definitely! We cheer people up every day and brighten everyone’s day. Our branding reflects that through its colour, patterns and icons.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out on the journey of running their own businesses? Our single most important piece of advice would be to get your business name perfected and then your branding. Before anything else. If you spend money on your branding, you can save money on other areas like developing your website. We haven’t spent any money on our website, as we have been able to build an awesome Shopify site because of our branding. The style guide Laura created is our bible and we use it every day. We would also think it is an area, where people should spend their most money. Spend the maximum you can on your branding. Cheaper branding, means less sales. More expensive branding, means more sales. It isn’t an expense. It is an investment.

Is there anything else you want to tell our readers? When you are developing your brand, make sure it is something you love and something you want to show everyone. It is going to be your baby and you need to be proud of it. You need to be able to shout your business name from the rooftops and share your logo everywhere. You’ll probably be wearing it on t-shirts or hoodies too, so you have to LOVE IT! Put in the time and effort during the planning/discovery stage and you will get something you love.

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